Every child is a capable, competent and naturally curious individual.

Inspired by Reggio thought, we believe all children are motivated, capable, competent, and naturally curious individuals. We believe that all children deserve to reach their full potential through a dedicated, nurturing community where they are free to explore, think, ponder, ask and reflect.


We believe our role as educators is to provide children with a learning environment that encourages and empowers them to pursue their natural curiosity. When children are given the freedom and support to follow their own interests, the lessons they learn and skills they acquire along the way extend much further.


The children in our program are truly learning how to learn as they engage in self-motivated discovery by carrying out investigations and having as many opportunities as possible to create, problem-solve, express their ideas, and collaborate with their peers.

We believe that children learn best in compassionate, mutually respectful environments where caregivers are nurturing and emotionally responsive.


With this in mind, the interactions between teachers and students at Wonder are given high priority. We are very purposeful in the ways that we speak, play and interact with the children entrusted to our care, knowing that our example often carries much more weight than our words.

What parents are saying:


"We are extremely happy with TWA. TWA continues to go beyond our high expectations..."
"We are very happy we have such a great place for our children. Puts a mother at ease knowing they’re in great hands!"
"Best childcare facility in Peoria and it’s not even close."
"We absolutely love the care [our child] receives. We know he is loved there. He talks daily about Miss Abby and Miss Chasatie... We have never been happier, truly. Thank you!"

7717 N University

Peoria, IL 61615



7:00am - 5:30pm

Monday - Friday