Welcome to The Wonder Academy

Here at The Wonder Academy, we are about more than child care and academics—we are about experiences.

We are a select Peoria early childhood education center that seeks to cultivate meaningful learning experiences for ages 2 to 6 years. By providing children with an engaging curriculum, professional, caring teachers, and an intentionally prepared environment, we are fostering their independence and exploration by nurturing their innate curiosity.

Our project-based preschool curriculum mixes play, nature, and hands-on, investigative learning and allows your child to develop his or her social and academic skills while engaging in meaningful experiences. These authentic learning opportunities encourage collaboration and creativity while building on natural curiosity—making learning more meaningful and lessons more memorable.

We offer a safe and secure learning environment, small class sizes with plenty of personal attention, exceptional facilities, and an app that allows you to communicate with your child's teacher and receive real-time notifications about his or her day.